Lady Webmaster Blues


I am the lady webmaster whose job is to maintain each page.
I try to do as I am told without anxiety or rage.
But. sometimes, people ask for things that just don’t work or match the site;
and, at that point, I do my best to placate and avoid a fight.

She asked me for a signup form, for members wanting to play games.
I took the one we had last year that asked for ‘badge’ and ‘real’ names.
She said I couldn’t use that form because she could not guarantee
that people signing up had paid — and no one plays the games for free.

I showed her last year’s archived page with old identical to new.
“Oh no one used it!”, she replied. “Okay I’ll take it down for you.”
So now the form is hid from view by comment tags, both fore and aft,
for when she finally decides that, yes, I really know my craft.

“I hope you have some time,” she said, while I worked on the program grid.
“Do you still have that signup form?” I smiled and said, sure I did.

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