Why Poetry Sucks


Is poetry a craft or is it art,
aligning words in meter and/or rhyme?
A vehicle with meaning to impart,
Or just another way to waste some time?

Like anything, it’s all in point of view.
Some think that Quaker pronouns are required;.
A “thee” or “thou” instead of simply “you.”
But often what they write is uninspired.

Some feel that only rhythm is endorsed,
Or that it must have rhyme to be complete.
And oftentimes their work appears quite forced
Although they think themselves to be elite.

Still others try their hand at counted forms
Believing that the number makes it so.
And disregard the other sets of norms
That give this type of work its subtle flow.

Now, lest you think I hold myself aloof
From other poets whose works go awry.
Please notice that this piece is ample proof
That no one is more fallible than I.