The alien saucer fell hard–
It landed right in my backyard.
I’d give them jobs mowing
Or cooking and sewing
But none of them has a green card.

A Grimm Goodnight Story


Jimmy’s mother wasn’t nice.
She wasn’t nice at all
She wouldn’t let him go along
with Billy to the mall.
So Jimmy texted Billy,
Billy texted with aplomb
That Jim should call a demon up
to come and get his mum

Jimmy said he’d need some help
in planning how it’s done
Billy said that on TV
it looked like lots of fun
Did jimmy have some candles
that could help him call one up?
He’d made a few at summer camp
each in a paper cup.

He found one in each bathroom,
that was put there for its scent
and in the candelabra
there were two that weren’t’ spent.
Six made an awkward circle
with the candelabra part
But Billy said what counted
was the hatred in your heart

Bill said to leave the door closed
it could come in through the crack
The demon needed to arrive
before his mum got back
Jimmy lit the candles, then,
sat in the center space
And tried to think of how to call
a demon to his place

“C’mere boy” wouldn’t do at all
but maybe asking please
He practiced “Demon, come here please!”
until it came with ease
The room was getting darker,
the candles nearly burned
When he heard a sound outside the door
….and then the doorknob turned.

(a/n) I changed the structure of this to make it more friendly to the eye of the reader.

The Power of Nothing


Zero holds, in itself, the power of ten.
Without it, one remains all alone.
Ten thousand trillion is only
one with a herd of zeroes
stampeding behind it,
Zeroes to the left,
numeric ghosts.
They whisper,